Supplied with single or double running unit. Different versions of this machine are available: Gi.Di.Vi. 2500 for the production of pipes with diameter up to 2500 mm and box culvert with maximum inner dimensions 2500 x 2000 mm, Gi.Di.Vi. 3500 for the production of pipes with diameter up to 3500 mm and box culvert with maximum inner dimensions 3500 x 3000 mm, and bigger ones.

Semi-automatic production cycle, transport to curing area and demoulding of the pipe is made by means of overhead crane driven by an operator. All other cycle steps are fully automatic under operator supervision.

Production cycle: between 10 and 30 minutes according to size.

The vibrating column, complete of vibrating groups with adjusting system of centrifugal force and with hydraulic blocking core devices, doesn’t need to be removed when changing equipment.

Concrete coming from hopper is conveyed to the turning belt assuring a gradual filling of the mould.

Hydraulic and electric plant made with top quality brand

The machine is supplied complete with foundation covers, safety girds  and devices according to European Standard


For the production of box culvert, the turning belt is implemented with system allowing to modify automatically its position in the length keeping unchanged its peripheral speed.

Hydraulic cylinders to help demoulding very useful to reduce the overhead crane capacity, in fact they reduce the initial friction between concrete item and core and thus making demoulding easier.

Inverter for motors starting vibrators.

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