Brief Summary Of The History

Today MARIO CROCI & FIGLI is presenting on the market machines for the production of concrete items, mixers and batching plants. All machines are designed by our technical department, equipped with 3D CAD systems. Then they are made by means of the most up-dated tooling machines and equipment. All components used on our machines are chosen carefully taking in consideration their reliability and strength.

Cool Timeline


In 1992 the pipe machine Mach 3/151 for the production of concrete pipes with maximum 1000 mm.


In 1989 the pipe machine Mach 3/152 TX with device with patented vibration device for the production of concrete pipes with maximum length 2000 or 3000 mm.


In 1983 the pipe machine Mach 3/121 for the production of concrete pipe with maximum length 1000 mm and the following year the pipe machine Mach 3/122 for the production of concrete pipe with maximum length 2000 or 2500 mm were put on the market


In 1977, the pipe machine Mach 3/100 – evolution of the machine Mach 3 – was made and in 1980 also the pipe machine Mach 3/100T where concrete was fed through a belt.


In 1976 the first pressing-vibration machine Mach 2 for the production of pipes with maximum length 2000 or 2500 mm came to light.


In 1973, MARIO CROCI E FIGLI was the first Italian company to produce pressing-vibration machines Mach 3 for concrete pipes with maximum length 1000 mm.


Around 1966 the first mixer C.I. 400 was made together with the first batching plants.


In 1954 the patent for “support device with rotational and axial movement” was registered. This patent was for rotation-compression machines named ROTOPRES MC made in different versions and sold all over the world.


Around 1944, the company produced the first moulds for the manual production of concrete pipes.


MARIO CROCI E FIGLI was founded in 1927 as a small family business for the production of “moulds for colored floor pavers”.


Our aim is to provide our customers with the best quality products and services to help them reach their goals.

For more than 60 years we have focused on quality and have stood out for the flexibility and attention given to every single need of each customer. During the design stage we study the best solution for your business, customizing our machines with you, who choose our company as your partner.

Croci Mario e Figli srl is aware of the crucial importance of research and development in creating value for the customer tries out new products and new applications.

Why choosing us?


The continuous attention towards new technologies has kept the company in a perspective of constant improvement.


Mario Croci & Figli, was founded in 1927, is a family company, grown and consolidated in the industry , for over 60 years. It builds machines for the production of concrete products, mixers and concrete batching plants.


High quality standards to meet the specific requests of our customers and the constant evolution of the market.


Our expertise and attention to efficiency have enabled us to achieve excellent results.


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